Linx Beds customer story

Based in West Yorkshire, Linx Beds are a hospitality and domestic bed and mattress specialist. They have a wide range of products to cater to their customers’ every need - whether it be a new headboard, replacement legs or an entirely new and fully customisable bed. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside their team for a number of years and have been involved with their website, Google Shopping campaigns, content creation and more.

We were recently approached by Daniel Hoyle, who had taken over the company from the previous director and wanted to work with us again to provide an updated ecommerce website with a modern and stylish design to match the high quality of their products. Their existing website wasn’t a true reflection of their brand and products, and lacked the tools and efficiency needed to boost Linx Beds’ online sales. Our team worked closely with Daniel to find out his exact requirements and business goals; allowing us to create a website which will be a valuable asset for years to come.

Testimonial - Daniel Hoyle, Linx Beds

As an online company we have been pleased with the high service that Welford Media have provided. We commissioned a new website and as an online business it is of vital importance that our website reflects our business standards and the products and services we are able to provide to its very best. From the beginning we were impressed with the understanding that Welford had about our needs and we were excited to receive the first example of the new site. Throughout the whole process communication was excellent and all our queries were answered quickly. Our new website needed a lot of work with hundreds of images and text to be added across many pages, including our specialist feature, the Build-a-Bed. Welford was able to work with this complicated layout and helped advise on many aspects of the website. When our new website went live we were impressed with the attention given to details and the ongoing follow up and support. We would have no hesitation in recommending Welford and will look forward to be working with them in the future.

​A fresh new look on every device

To bring the new website up to date we created a brand new design for the Linx Beds website. The new design is professional and streamlined, giving Linx Beds a modern look which will stand out against their competitors. With more than half of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, is was essential that we ensured that the new website would work seamlessly on any device. All features of the new website work perfectly across all devices and browsers, allowing Linx Beds to target and convert more mobile users into customers.

A responsive design for every device

​Instantly see your bespoke bed with the Build a Bed feature

One key feature the team at Linx Beds were keen to recreate was the Build a Bed feature which we had previously built on their old website. The Build a Bed feature on the homepage uses OpenStock 2 options to give the user the ability to fully customise their bed. As they choose each option, the mockup of the bed adjusts to show them exactly how their option choices will show together. It has always been a great sales tool for them and they found that most of their sales came through the feature, so we decided to give it a revamp and make it even more user friendly.

The Build a Bed feature is fully bespoke to Linx Beds, giving them a stand-out quality which puts them ahead of their competitors. The feature is now fully responsive, allowing mobile customers the option of using it for the first time, and is incredibly easy to use. The updated photography and layering of the images gives the customer a high quality, professional looking outcome. Linx Beds now have full control over the functionality of the Build a Bed feature and, amongst other features, are able to select default colours for each bed size - a must-have for updating the website to show seasonal and popular colours.

Bespoke Build a Bed functionality on the homepage

​More freedom with increased payment & shipping options

An updated version of OpenCart along with new modules gave Linx Beds the choice of offering a wide range of shipping and payment options to their customers. With a complex shipping module they’re now able to more accurately charge delivery costs depending on a number of factors, including delivery postcode, product, category, delivery type and more. As both shipping and payments can be controlled entirely from the admin area, Linx Beds now have complete control and can change these themselves if they ever need to.

Highly customisable shipping options

​Separate trade prices & products

As Linx Beds distributes to the hospitality sector, it was crucial that the new website included functionality for trade accounts. With our OpenCart module, Restrict Catalog by Customer Group, Linx Beds are now able to set special prices for different customer groups and even have certain categories and products only available to trade customers. By having this extra functionality, Linx Beds are able to manage orders from both personal and trade customers from one easy to use admin area, rather than having to set up an entirely new store for trade customers.

Trade prices & restrictions using the Restrict Catalog by Customer Group module

​Added content with an integrated blog

Additional pages and content are highly beneficial for your website, not only for search engine optimisation but also for giving your customers an extra reason to visit your website. Having interesting posts and articles can be a powerful marketing tool and can help convert initially unsure customers. The new Linx Beds blog can be controlled directly from the admin area and allows their team to add, edit and remove content without any prior development knowledge.

Professional & user-friendly blog system

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