New year, new offers!

If you’re anything like us, you've come into 2019 full of positivity and motivation to get things done this year. We sat down with our team at the start of the year and put together some of our favourite ways to give websites a boost and kick-start 2019. Together we came up with three brilliant offers - we're sure at least one will catch your attention. From hardening your security to optimising your marketing strategy, we’ve covered some of the best low cost quick fixes to get you up and running to take 2019 head on. The best thing is, we’re including a free site audit with every offer purchased and on top of that we’re giving everyone 10% off the price of anything recommended in the audit report.

​Offer 1

View Order Times Feature (OpenCart) - £80+VAT including a free audit

Get a better insight into your customers' habits by viewing the exact time an order is placed, rather than just the date. Knowing when your customers are more likely to place orders can help optimise your marketing campaigns and time offers more efficiently. This offer is only available to customers running OpenCart ecommerce websites.

​Offer 2

Security Buff - £80+VAT including a free audit

We’re reading more and more about how advanced hackers are getting, making it more important than ever to protect your store and your customers' data. We'll add an extra line of defence to your website by changing your website login URL from /admin to something more secure and personable to you. We'll also lock down your website's admin area to selected IP addresses, meaning that only people who you want to have access, will. Our team can give you further advice on how to make your website even more secure too.

​Offer 3

Banner Design - £80+VAT including a free audit

Your homepage is the first thing your customers see when visiting your website, so it's important to keep it looking fresh and presents a perfect place for you to promote your latest offers. We'll work with you to produce high quality banners to draw your customers attention to your latest offers, newest products or whatever you want the customers to notice!

​Just an Audit?

We’ve got offers for everyone, but if none of the above offers are applicable to you or don’t catch your interest then you can go straight ahead for our audit service. We're currently offering audits at half price (£80+VAT) for a limited time, so don't miss out! Don’t forget that any findings we report back to you will have a 10% discount, making improving your site a little easier on your pocket this month.

​What to expect from your audit report

Our team will be doing a thorough check of all aspects of your website, from search engine optimisation to help you climb the ranks, to layouts, design, copywriting, customer experience and much more. After we’ve scoured the website we will produce a clear, easy to follow report for you to have a gander at and see where we can help make your site the best in the business.

​Let's get started

If you like the look of our offers or want to find out how to improve your website in 2019, contact our team to get started!

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