UI & UX, What are they and why do you need them?

If you’ve landed on this page then I’ll assume you haven’t heard of UX and UI design and you want to find out more about them, why they will benefit you and where to start? Although recently UX and UI design are becoming more popular, they have always been a part of any design process. At Welford we refer to UX and UI design from a digital perspective, however UX and UI are used in everything. For example; Designing the cockpit in a Boeing 747 involves the aesthetic side and the logistical side.

​What is UX?

UX, short for user experience design refers to the processes put in place to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, generally for websites and products. In simple terms, user experience is the look, feel and usability. In the example explained earlier, UX would be the more analytical and logical aspect of the 747 cockpit, such as button placement and safety measurements.

​What are the roles & responsibilities of a UX designer?

Main responsibilities include competitor, customer and product analysis, content development, wireframing, prototyping and testing. A UX designer will look at the brand from a more analytical standpoint, in that your visual assets will represent the business as well as looking appealing. UX designers consider the why, what and how behind the product, or in our case the website. We look at the motivations, values, functionality and accessibility to create the ideal website based on what the consumer demands, as well as some aesthetic thought.

​What is UI?

If UX design is the skeleton, the UI is the skin and clothes that make you who you are. UI or user interface design is the look, feel and interactivity of a product or website, and a UI designer is all about aesthetics, and building a solid image for your product or website. UI designers usually help to create the uniqueness of the brand.

​What are the roles & responsibilities of a UI designer?

Main responsibilities include branding development, interactivity and design & customer analysis. They are usually heavily involved in the visual design and things such as the colour palette, typography, buttons & interactions. Further developments are now edging the designers to consider animations, interactivity and responsiveness of the designs in addition to their other responsibilities.

​Why are UX & UI important?

UX and UI are just as important as one another, you may have not referred to the process as a UX or UI, every single business with a brand image and a website has gone through some element of UX & UI. In order to build a successful brand your customers love and respect, the image and interface must be optimised for them to love. If your business is the type that puts the customer before yourself, invest in UX and UI.

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