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Movember, with a twist!

It’s finally November, and that means three things:

  1. Starbucks have adorable red cups again
  2. I’m fighting with everyone over how early I can put up the office Christmas tree
  3. Men all over the country are growing moustaches in the name of charity

That’s right, Movember’s back with a bang. This year, our very own Max McShane is taking part in Movember to raise money for charity - but with a fun twist. Since he’s already looking a little werewolfy, Max will be shaving his existing beard and moustache into a funny (and hopefully embarrassing!) shape in mid-November, and will have to keep this shape for the remaining days of November. That means coming to work, going on nights out, meeting clients… all with a, urm, ‘unique’ beard design.

The best part is that everyone who donates will be able to leave a comment suggesting how they think Max should shape his beard - the suggestion with the most votes come mid-November will be the one that Max has to use. No ifs, no buts, Max will shape his beard into that shape no matter how ridiculous it is!

On top of this he’ll also be cycling around Leeds for 15 miles every day in November with said facial hair and leaving photographic evidence of this on the donation page.

We’d love it if you could get involved and help us not only raise money for a great cause, but also embarrass Max in the process!


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