How can a landing page help your business?

You'll have seen the term landing page a lot online, but there isn't a lot of resources available about what they are and how they can help, so businesses aren't benefiting from them simply from a lack of information, so we've put together this blog to give you all info you need to make a decision whether or not it's going to benefit you.

Landing pages are used for one purpose and one purpose only, to encourage a visitor to take a specific action on a page. It could be described as a single mission website built to convert. As opposed to the standard home page on a website, a landing page has no distractions and that’s what makes them so successful.

​Lead generating landing page

Lead generation pages are the type designed to get the users details, for example the page will be set-up to try and get the users email address to be used in other marketing efforts. This type of landing page is usually just the very start of a sales funnel. Achieving the users email address is great for the business owner because they can nurture them and build loyalty with the customer.

​Click through landing page

Click through landing pages are the type designed specifically to convert, for example a direct sale of an online product. You might have experienced this within the weight loss & health industry usually selling the magical drink which allows you to half your body fat percentage in 30 seconds!

​What should your landing page include

I mentioned earlier that the landing pages are constantly evolving, and the variations are endless, however these are some major considerations.

Unique selling point -

What makes you stand out, and what will be the tipping point for the customer to actually input their data and make the purchase. For example, FedEx Corporations USP

‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight’


Be sure to include the benefits of your product or proposition. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate slightly on this section. Customers want to know that they are getting value, so it’s perfectly acceptable to reassure them as many times as you feel necessary!

Social proof

Have someone reputable online such as an Instagram infleuncer promote the link to your landing page, as this will allow you to skip the whole process of building trust. The influencer has already built the trust of their following. If you’d like to know more about social proof then be sure to check out our full blog.

Case studies/ evidence

A vital part of converting prospects into returning customers through the internet is to prove that you are able to provide what you say you can. False claims are the perfect recipe for disaster and that's why it’s advised to include evidence, proof and testimonials to support your claims.

Similarly to everything in life, it’s not just that straight forward. You can’t build a landing page with these features and expect to turnover £4000.00 in sales on the first day, but if you do manage that then let us know! It’s your duty as a marketer to entice the customers and give them no other option but to purchase or give away their email address. So you need an offer, it must be of interest to your ideal customer considering that they are at the start of the customer life cycle. Remember that you need to provide value to the customer before they purchase from you, and this should be reflected in the offer - try offering an educational resource as opposed to a £300.00 program. This will benefit you so much, the customer will form a more personal relationship with you and this is what you are aiming to do. The customer thinks that you’re more concerned about them and their desires than you are making money.

In the case of a lead generation landing page, the offer would be redeemable through the user providing the email address. If the landing page that you are building fits the click through landing page structure, you are already implementing a very sales approach. To reverse engineer this, and ensure the user isn’t distracted by it, work them through the value ladder. Start by selling them a low ticket item, the added bonus of selling a lower ticket item first is that you’ll be able to see which users converted.

The details from the converted customers can then be used to further market higher ticket products to, and this will work great because they already have an awareness of the brand, they’ve already made a purchase and If they love your product they’ll be itching to buy more.

It’s important to know that you need to create the thank-you page which follows the landing page providing that they’ve converted. This is where you can get really intricate with the whole process and start to install cookies for tracking and re-targeting purposes, but that’s for a whole new blog! Keep your eyes peeled.

​How can you create your own landing page?

It’s now easier than ever to create successful marketing campaigns because you don’t need to be tech savvy to create landing pages that convert. Software such as Clickfunnels and Unbounce allow for you to simply drag & drop your ideas and bring them to reality.

As-well as these software, there are several books and resources that guide you through the process of creating a high quality, converting landing page.

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