Tempt customers back to your website with re targeting ads

Have you ever visited a website and then been reminded of the company soon after with ads on other websites or social media platforms? Even better, been shown the exact product or deal you were looking at just moments before?

These adverts are known as retargeting ads and can quickly become one of your most effective forms of marketing. Retargeting ads have been shown to have 10x the average click-through rate than regular display ads^ and visitors who are shown retargeting ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website^.

​How does retargeting work?

When you visit a website which is using retargeting, a cookie will be placed on your browser. This cookie is then used to show you display adverts, sometimes specific to the certain page or product you visited or just general adverts from the company. These ads are most commonly shown on other websites but can also be shown on social media sites like Facebook.

Image source: adroll.com

​How easy is retargeting to set up?

It takes hardly any time at all to set up retargeting on your website. You just need to create an account with your chosen ad network and install a simple tracking pixel on your website. We'd highly recommend using AdRoll for your retargeting ads as their system is user-friendly and easy to understand, even for beginners. Once you're account is set up, you can choose to track all users or users to specific pages - for example, you could track people who have been to a page about women's dresses and then show them an ad with your new in dresses. You can even control how long the cookie remains on the user's browser before expiring.

​What ads can I use?

Retargeting ads can usually be JPG, GIF or HTML5 formats, giving you a variety of ad options to experiment with. There are generally around 6 highly recommended ad sizes which are popular across advertising networks, but there are lots of other additional ad sizes available too.

​How much does it cost?

Retargeting ads can be used at a pay-as-you-go, no contract form of marketing. Simply set a budget for your campaign and closely control how much you'd like to spend on your ads. You can also choose to pay per click, ensuring that you get the best result for your money. Generally, retargeting ads tend to cost less than a couple of pounds per click depending on your placement and competition.

​How can I get started?

If you'd like to try retargeting ads on your website then our team will be more than happy to help. Our team can install the tracking pixel, create engaging ads and even manage your account for you. Get in touch to find out how we can help you convert even more customers.

^ - Source

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