Welford Review: Tick Tock Unlock, Leeds

This weekend, as part of our team's Christmas party we decided to do something a little different. None of our team had ever been to an escape room before, but as soon as the idea was suggested and booked, we were all eager to get stuck in - even if were slightly worried we might not get out!

Tick Tock Unlock, based in central Leeds as well as Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow, was the perfect option for our team. The team at Tick Tock Unlock were lovely and welcoming, and managed to get our two teams booked on to do the same themed room at the same time - giving us a great head-to-head competition. Incredibly, both of our teams made it out before the 60 minute time limit was up, with one team scraping out with just 30 seconds remaining.

If you're looking for a team building activity for your staff, we'd highly recommend giving Tick Tock Unlock a call. Not only did it get our team out of the office and away from their computers, but it made everyone work together on each task and certainly brought out the competitive streak in us all!

"Tick Tock Unlock's escape room was the perfect choice for our staff Christmas do - it was the perfect mix of fun, team building and competition!"

Abigail Cook, Office Manager

It's safe to say we'll be heading back to Tick Tock Unlock very soon to take on one of their other rooms!

​Find out more about Tick Tock Unlock

Fancy taking on Tick Tock Unlock and seeing if you can beat our time? Head over to their website to find out more about each of their locations and the four games available - we'd highly recommend the "Blueprint" game.

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