Support - Share Your Purchase

How to install Share Your Purchase

Installing Share Your Purchase on your OpenCart store consists of two stages: installing the module and setting up Facebook with the module.

  1. Install VQMod on your OpenCart store
  2. Download the correct version of Share Your Purchase for your OpenCart store version
  3. Copy the contents of the 'Upload' folder to the root directory of your website

If you do not want to use the Facebook share feature, please skip to step 10.

  1. Visit
  2. Click My Apps - Add a New App
  3. Choose Website and type in your app name. Customers will see this to make sure it relates to your website.
  4. Click Create a New App ID and follow the instructions
  5. Under "Tell us about your website" add in your Site URL and Mobile Site URL
  6. Next click "Skip to Developer Dashboard"
  7. Click Settings and type in your domain under App Domains (You must enter a Site URL and Mobile Site URL before you can do this) and fill in the contact email.
  8. Then, Click Status & Review and toggle the button to make the app live.
  9. Finally, go to Dashboard, copy your App ID and paste this in your OpenCart settings under Admin > Settings > Share Your Purchase > Facebook App ID
  10. Set up complete!