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Services - Voice

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa have a fantastic range of devices / marketing options from which you can promote your Alexa Skill. Variety of platforms certainly aid the universal possibilities.

Over 8 Million Owners

It's estimated that over 8 million people own an Amazon Echo device, creating a huge target market.

Increased Spend & Frequent Purchases

Amazon Echo owners spend an estimated 10% more on Amazon & make purchases 6% more often than those without.

Inspired by Star Trek

Alexa was inspired by the computer voice from the Star Teck science fiction TV series & movies.

Enhance your business with personalised Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills Kit

With Alexa Skills, your company has the ability to create your own commands & responses for Alexa devices. Harness the power of this new & innovative technology to add extra features to your brand.

Runs in the Cloud

Alexa Skills are stored in the cloud, rather than on a user's device, making them safe & secure.

Enhance Existing Applications

We can seamlessly incorporate your new Alexa Skills into your existing campaigns.

Endless Possibilities

No matter what industry you're in, the freedom of Alexa Skills make it possible to use in any situation or sector.