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Artificial Intelligence for Web (AI)

Artificial Intelligence in the Web today takes multiple forms but its reach is ever growing. AI is in chat bots, dynamically driven content, layout distribution, data analysis, and much more. Welford believes in Innovation and are constantly striving to be at the forefront of technology within the industry. Get in touch to find out more and see how we can help bring your online presence and platforms up to the latest AI advancements.

Ecommerce Conversions

Optimise the conversion journey, using AI to adapt, change and provide the user with a route to suit your ecommerce goals. From increased basket values to higher conversion rates, AI can help.

Chat Bots (Wilbur)

A relatively new addition, AI chat bots can help reduce support costs, increase goal conversion, provide that interim user interaction and enhancing the customer journey. Sometimes you just don’t know if it’s a real person or a AI chat bot? Welford’s Wilbur is coming soon...

Content Layout Distribution

The next level to A/B testing, content layout distribution is constantly adapting to suit the user interaction and requirements. Rather than setting restrictions on options for the user, unlock the AI potential.