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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy & effective way of sending promotions, offers & discounts directly to your customers. Our marketing team can do all the hard work for you - simply let us know what you'd like on the email & who you'd like to send it to, we'll take care of the rest.

Bespoke Email Templates

Our designers can create a bespoke template for your emails to match your existing branding & website.

Banner & Content Creation

Once our team know the theme of your newsletter we can create banners & write compelling content for it.

Optimised Sending Times

We'll send your newsletters out at the time where your customers are most likely to open & interact with it.

Complete Result Analysis

Know exactly how your audience reacts

Our email marketing system allows you to see exactly how your subscribers are interacting with each of the emails that you send. This information is vital when analysing & improving your email marketing campaigns.

Delivery Rates

See how many emails bounced, were marked as spam or unsubscribed.

Open Rates

See which of your subscribers opened your email & what over all percentage.

Click-Through Rates

Track each link in your email to see what percentage of people clicked it.

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