Case Study

Adriana Homewares

With all the beautiful fabrics made using 100% British Wool, it was only right that Adriana Homewares' website matched the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

About Adriana Homewares

Based in our favourite region of Yorkshire, Adriana Homewares sources and crafts her own fabrics to create beautiful products ranging from scarves to lampshades. With all the ranges being based on some of her favourite parts of Yorkshire, you're certain to find a product perfect for either your home or your outfit.

The Scope

Adriana's current website was built using a popular instant site building platform, but found the control she had over her own site was restrictive. Our goal was to create a new site which would allow Adriana to fully showcase her products with a design would would compliment her ranges.

The Challenges

In order to improve the user experience, we implemented a secondary category navigation, which allowed customers to shop by either range or product, which helped guide the users to what they were wanting in as few steps as possible.

The Result

Once finished, we were left with a beautiful, crisp and modern designed site which would stand the test of time to come for many years. The subtly of the design allows the focus to be drawn towards Adriana's beautiful products, as it should be.