Case Study

How Outward Bound's new website grew traffic by 36.28% in first month

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational based charity which helps young people remove limiting beliefs by testing them through various challenges and activities. It’s truly an amazing community which is power driven to empowering young people to succeed in life.

The Design

Working closely with their branding guidelines, we got started on creating a beautiful and eye catching design to provide users with a unique user experience with an improved navigation to help with user flow.

The System

After meeting with Outward Bound, we decided that a platform with a primarily CMS focus was the route we needed to venture down, which is why we picked Craft CMS. If you've read our other blogs you'll know that this is a platform we've fallen in love with, and the best thing is that it comes with a Commerce plugin! Now that we had the groundwork planned out, it was time to start creating their bespoke admin area utilised around what they needed from the website, rather than the other way around.

The Features

With Outward Bound selling an experience rather than a typical product, we needed to make sure the shopping experience wasn't that of a typical "online shop". We were able to create a subtle buying journey which was inline with the brand ethos, and worked better in regards to the experiences currently being offered.

Alumni Stories

Having the ability for previous course candidates to share their stories and experiences with others was a big part of Outward Bound's story. We created a feature which allows users to create an account on the website to log their story and share images for others to enjoy for years to come.

The Result

The site proved to be a success as we saw an overall increase in page views across the site, as-well as reducing management time for Outward Bound by implementing features and functionality within the site to manage more processes than it was previously able to. It was an incredibly fun and fresh experience to work with such a wonderful charity!