Optimise your approach to marketing online through A/B testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing or bucket testing is a term which refers to an online marketing approach where different versions of a product are used to see which one users or consumers respond best to.

​What's the goal?

Identifying the objective of your A/B test is the most crucial part of the process, you must know what you want to achieve before it can be achieved. An example could be that you’re trying to improve the click through rate of your display advertisements.

​How does it work?

So you’ve got your goal, how do you make it a reality? It’s simple, you tweak minor components of your ad set, landing page or email and test them on your actual audiences. You’re then going to have multiple sets of analytical data which can be used to compare against one another. The best results reveal the tweaks you should make permanently.

​Why are you going to use it?

This is foolproof, and it’s all based on data which has been tested on your audience! This process allows your ads to be optimised and refined to meet the demands of your prospects, so if you want the best return on investment for your marketing approach, invest in A/B testing, you won’t look back!

​Examples of a successful A/B test


Above are two examples of the same advert, with slight variations in the call to action buttons. The second advert has a green CTA, and the copy says 'let's go' as opposed to 'sign me up' with a black CTA. The second advert will give a higher conversion rate because consumers will affiliate 'sign me up' with something major and it sounds like they're taking on responsibilities, therefore they are less likely to engage. A green CTA is proven to yield higher conversion rates as society associates green with 'go!'.

A/B testing is all about making the minor changes that are going to have major impacts on your results.

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