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Looking for a UK web design agency to help you grow your online business?

We're a UK web design agency with offices in Leeds and London. We have over 15 years of experience in OpenCart and 5 years experience in Craft CMS website design.

Our dedicated team of designers and developers at our web design agency specialise in creating and developing websites to help you achieve your business goals. We have an innovative way of working at Welford Media, offering more services than your typical UK web design agency. We offer services in UX, UI and UFwebsite hosting and e-commerce, to name but a few. Here at Welford Media, we help you to reach your online potential and grow your sales.

Our experience

What we do

Welford have a wide range of experience in web design and development services.


The team at Welford are OpenCart specialists with over 15 years of experience working with the platform. We deliver OpenCart services and upgrades for new and existing customers. So, whether you want a new feature for your site or a complete overhaul, we can do it.

Craft CMS

With 5 years of experience working with Craft CMS, our team of Craft specialist designers and developers can build, design, and improve just about any website. So, no matter the industry or the size of your website, we're on hand to help you achieve your company's goals. Learn more about our Craft CMS services here.


The team at Welford are also experts in Laravel, an open-source PHP framework for ‘web artisans’. We love this platform for its secure and scalable design for web development and e-commerce sites.

Web Development

Our web development services will help you create the perfect website for your company from start to finish, designing your website to the exact specification and requirements that will benefit your business. See how we'll bring your website to life.

Website Design

As a web design agency in the UK, we understand the unique challenges of the UK market and, while we offer local web design in Leeds and London, we don't just stop there. For over a decade, we've offered everything digital to clients across the world. We specialise in responsive web design, web design for e-commerce websites and making sure your web design is optimised for user experience and user-friendliness. Learn more about the benefits of web design with Welford.

Bespoke Web Packages

We're a bespoke website builder, offering bespoke web packages to new and existing clients to ensure they reach their full potential with their website. Each of our packages is uniquely tailored to your business to meet its challenges and goals. See how we can help your business.

Our Latest Projects

What we've been working on.

We've worked with businesses of all different sizes, industries and budgets. Take a look at a selection of our work below.

Brown & Geeson
Racing since 1963.
Ecommerce UX UI Development Multi-store
Four Seasons
Beautifully crafted outdoor furniture.
Ecommerce Development Branding UX UI

About us

Working with Welford

We understand where you are now and where you want to be, and we deliver results.

Within our UK web design agency, we always use the following process when working with our clients. This Welford Media protocol is used when starting a project, whether it be web design, website development, SEO, website hosting or ongoing support. The protocol ensures that the goals we set at the start of the project stay relevant. Throughout the project, we will monitor these goals, making improvements where necessary.

With over 15 years of specialist experience in digital web design, you can look to us as a UK web design agency that you can trust. We value long-term relationships, offering ongoing support and care.

The Welford Media Way

Our UK web design process

1. Plan

First, it all starts with a conversation where we'll discuss any issues, the goals you want to achieve and any targets you want the website to help you meet. Next, we'll review your current site's performance, page performance and how customers interact with your site. Then we’ll analyse your competitors and review your user's journey against key performance indicators and metrics. At the end of this step, we've got a strategy to visualise how the end product needs to perform.

2. Prototype

To turn the strategy into reality, we start prototyping your new website's user journey and processes to give you visuals of how customers will interact with the site and the new user experience.

3. Build

We begin implementing the functionality into the design to create the final product.

4. Grow

Once complete and the site is live and ready for customers, we begin to grow. We set up systems to analyse the website and the success of the changes and identify and review any further improvements that can be made.


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Work with us

Benefits of working with Welford


We're expert communicators who will be transparent throughout the entire web design process, so you'll never be left in the dark. We'll hold your hand throughout the whole process, answering any questions along the way to help you feel valued. No question is too small or silly; our team of experts are always on hand to answer all of your questions. Learn more about us, and see the friendly faces of our designers and developers.


Welford Media has a reputation for trust, working with clients in various industries and on projects of all sizes. Our UK web design agency has multiple decades of experience within the industry, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients and business partners to offer your company our continued support. We aim to work with companies that share our values and love it when clients have a passion for inspirational web design.


Our team always go above and beyond for our clients. Our wonderful team of Welford Media specialists are at the top of their game, constantly trying out the latest platforms and ideating new innovative ways to improve the quality of their web design. Alternatively, if we believe a job is outside of our specialism, we're quick to recommend our partner services.


Most importantly, we're results-driven and incredibly proud of the work we have achieved. We'll design an attractive website to impress your customers and achieve your business goals. We're confident your new website will increase visibility, traffic, sales, and secure qualified leads for your company.

Previous Clients

Who we've worked with

From multi-million corporations to fresh new start-ups, we're extremely proud to work with each and every one of our clients.

Client - Prostate Cancer
Client - ePhood
Client - Ripple Effect
Client - Brown & Geeson
Client - Four Seasons

Not sure where to get started with our web development services?

Don't worry. We have experience to help you through the process of understanding how your business goals can be realised through web development and design and how we can help. Whether you know what you want from your website already or if you're looking for inspiration, our team of web design experts would love to help.