Working closely with Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK is a charitable organisation whose priorities are funding research for a cure for prostate cancer affecting men. The organisation has invested millions of pounds already to find better treatments, better tests to spot these illnesses in their earliest stages for prevention of spreading. Prostate Cancer UK were looking to increase awareness and raise funds by setting up an online store selling a range of merchandise, they had received an abundance of support over the years from the merchandise previously sold and wanted to expand their horizons to reach new audiences.


​Website requirements

With over 50% of the website traffic flooding in from mobile devices, a responsive website that performed well on mobiles was a top priority.

  • Branding was provided by Prostate Cancer UK in order to maintain continuity from the main website.
  • Manageable content through a CMS system to provide client with the ability to make changes themselves.
  • Dynamic stock updates to show whether items are in stock for customers.
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag management integrations to track user’s behaviour and journey and product performance to ensure they adapt the site to be at the top of it’s game.


Customers can gift a donation to their loved ones, in exchange for a personalised card letting them know what their donation has gone towards. It's a great alternative to physical presents or if you're struggling for ideas. Check them out here


Prostate Cancer UK’s website uses our module Open Stock, this allows them to manage the stock levels and it changes the image/ SKU / levels of stock / prices & variations when the customer selects an option. Open Stock automatically doesn’t select a variation, so we did some custom work which meant that once the page loads up, the first option is automatically selected for the customer.

Prostate Cancer rely heavily on donations in order to keep funding their research and resources. We added an extra step to the checkout to encourage customers to place a last minute donation and apply Gift Aid if applicable.


We added a section on the checkout which encourages customers to purchase on of the iconic pin badges by Prostate Cancer UK to their cart. These pins are crucial for helping raise awareness so it was important that we pushed the sale of these towards customers.


Online stores lose the majority of their customers at checkout, so we worked to reduce the steps required for checkout in order to streamline the process for customers.

The site has been specifically built for purpose. We built a website fit to the specification, but not only that, our team of clued up developers suggested additions to make this stunning end product. We are incredibly proud to work with Prostate Cancer UK due to their brilliant work. If you haven’t already, check out the website and get in contact with us today if you’d like to begin the transformation to a better business. You can donate directly to their cause on their website or even partake in one of their many fundraising events, find out more here.