OpenCart 1.5x

Ready for an Upgrade?

With the last version of OpenCart 1.5x released nearly seven years ago, we've put together a package to help transition you to the latest version of OpenCart packed full of handy features. Prices starting from £7,500 +VAT.


Mobile Friendly by Design

Newer versions of OpenCart are responsive by default, with the majority of online shoppers now using their mobiles you can increase your sales by improving their experience on your website.

Improved Security

With OpenCart 1.5x having reached end of life, your website code is vulnerable to hacks. By upgrading to a newer version of OpenCart you're ensuring your site remains safe and protected for you and your customers.

Optimise and Improve

Your site has been well established for a while now, and this puts you in the perfect position to review and optimise how features and the navigation on site can be improved to provide better user experience on your website.

Grow Your Business

Is your website performing inline with your business goals? An improved website can work for you to help achieve your goals and targets.


User Experience

Improve ease of use, navigation and processes for both you and your users.


Modernise your appearance

Ensure your website translates the quality of your products with a modern timeless design whilst still maintaining its value, relevance and clarity.


Focus on Goals

Let the website work for you, not the other way around. Freeing up time for you to focus on your other goals for the business.

The Specifics


Data Migration

Exporting your products and orders helps ensure you hit the ground running when your new site is ready to be showcased.

Custom Design

We will create a bespoke website specific to your business, making sure we fully optimise your goals and user experience data.

Helpful Modules

During our time working with OpenCart we've been able to compile a list of our favourite modules which help improve how your site works for you and your users.

Website Review

An analysis of your current store to understand your customers navigation style, how the site is used and is currently performing to ensure that the issues we find are resolved with a new website.

Optimised Navigation

We can help improve how your clients navigate through your website to reduce time needed to get from A-B and reduce drop offs.

Specialised Functionality

We can implement specialised functionality to offer a unique service for your users, or to help with management of the site.

To discuss how we can help, please get in touch on the form below quoting "upgrade promo".