OpenCart Upgrade

Ready for an Upgrade?

With the last version of OpenCart 1.5x released nearly seven years ago, we've put together an OpenCart upgrade service package to help your business transition to the latest version of OpenCart. Staying up to date with the latest version of OpenCart gives you access to handy features, improved security and, most importantly, a great customer experience. Prices start from £7,500 +VAT

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Why Upgrade?

User Experience

Mobile-Friendly by Design

Improved Security

Optimise and Improve Your Existing Website

Grow Your Business

What's Included in our OpenCart Upgrade Service?

Data Migration

Exporting your products and orders means that once your new site is ready to go, you can get up and running in no time.

Custom Design

Your business is unique, and your website should be too. As part of our OpenCart upgrade service, we create a bespoke website, optimised for your goals and user experience data.

Helpful Modules

We've worked with OpenCart for a long time, so we've been able to compile a list of our favourite modules to improve your site for you and your users. We'll recommend which are appropriate for your website help install them.

Website Review

We'll analyse your existing store to understand your customers' typical navigation styles and how the site is used. Knowing how the website is currently performing allows us to spot any potential issues and resolve them in a new website.

Optimised Navigation

Our OpenCart upgrade service can help improve how clients navigate your website, making it more efficient and reducing drop-offs.

Specialised Functionality

We can implement specialised functionality to offer a unique service for your users or help with the management of the site.