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Professional Responsive Web Design from Welford

A responsive web design company like Welford will upgrade your static website to a dynamic site that's guaranteed to wow your clients and customers. Designing responsive websites on OpenCart and Craft CMS is our speciality.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design functions dynamically and changes the appearance of a website (without changing the content) on mobile, desktop and tablet, and depending on the screen size or orientation. This means no more pinching or zooming to read text, and graphics that load crisply to match the screen resolution.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Opting for a responsive website design ensures that your website is accessible to all users at all times and is particularly important in an age where a high proportion of users shop via mobile. In addition, Google prefers mobile-friendly sites in its ranking algorithm, so to maintain your competitive edge, it's vital to upgrade your website to a responsive version.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Works On All Devices

Having a website that works on all devices, including mobile, tablets, and desktops is vital to creating a good first impression on your customers.

Improved User Experience

Our responsive web design services ensure the user experience on your site is as seamless as possible so that everything loads where it should and appears as you intend it to. Learn more about our UX, UI and UF design.

Sleek Design

We'll create a responsive website design that meets your requirements. No more misaligned buttons or moving text, just an aesthetically pleasing front for your customers to browse.

Fast Loading Speed

A modern, responsive website design ensures that your website will smoothly operate when customers browse your products.

Optimised Design Features

Our responsive web design gives your website optimised design features, including optimised page layout and optimised images so that everything fits where it should on your webpage.

Optimised Images

With a responsive website design, your images will automatically resize to fit the size of the screen without losing any resolution.

Less is More

We'll analyse the word count for your page based on existing performance and against competitors so that your website's pages have the optimum amount of content to improve site performance.

Keeping Up with Trends

As a responsive website design company that's passionate about what we do, we always offer our clients the latest technology and upgrades as soon as we find out about them to maintain your competitive edge with a beautiful and functional site.

What are the Benefits of Using a

Responsive Website Design Company?

Communication and Transparency

One of our core values is communication, which is why we're completely open and transparent throughout the entire website design process.


Our team can be trusted to create a stunning website that will exceed your expectations.

Industry Experience

We've been offering everything digital to clients worldwide and in many industries, creating responsive websites on OpenCart and Craft CMS for over 15 years.

Quality Service

As a responsive web design agency, we're dedicated to delivering a quality website for our clients, both new and existing, with bespoke packages to help your business flourish.

Deliver Results

We'll design an attractive website to impress your customers and achieve your business goals. That is, your new responsive website will increase visibility, traffic, sales, and qualified leads for your company. Learn more about our web development services.

Enhanced SEO

A responsive website, but particularly a mobile-friendly one, will make your site more user-friendly and can improve your website's rank on Google.

Lower Bounce Rate

When your website and its features load properly, you'll encourage potential customers to continue browsing your site and convert.

Consistent Brand and Design

Our designs always perfectly match our clients' existing branding, giving a consistent and professional look.

Manage Everything in One Place

Maintaining one responsive website means you don't have to edit separate mobile and desktop versions, saving you time and money and preventing common errors like duplicate content or bad linking structure between pages.

Improved Online Visibility

Reach your business's online potential with a responsive website and attract a wider audience to your brand.

Create a Great First Impression

As a responsive web design agency, we know the importance of creating the wow factor to engage your customers. So, say goodbye to zooming in and out to view text or images and hello to a seamless experience.

Easy to Understand Analytics

Responsive websites, such as those created on OpenCart or Craft CMS, include backend features to show sales data and stock information so you can implement informed changes to enhance your user's experience and improve your conversion rate.

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