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A website is often the first experience a customer has of your company, but a professional website design doesn't have to break the bank.

Our web designers will create an affordable web design to match your budget, make sure that you make the best first impression and bring your website design to life. Separate yourself from your competition with a new customised website design that works for your business and serves your customers.

Affordable Website Design

Consistent Branding

Our designs always perfectly match our clients' existing branding, giving a consistent and professional look.

Responsive Website Design

No matter what device your website is viewed on, we'll ensure that it always looks flawless.

User Experience

We'll make sure that your website's design is easy to use, improving conversions and boosting sales.

Support and Website Maintenance

Our work doesn't stop when your website goes live. Our team will constantly work on your website from launch, using unique OpenCart analytics and data to recommend any improvements or tweaks.


A well-designed website will make your site more user-friendly and, when coupled with other SEO-optimised features available on OpenCart, can improve your website's rank on Google.

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Our Process

We'll keep you updated from start to finish

At Welford, we pride ourselves on our attitude to professional website design. We believe that it's important to keep our clients updated at every stage of a project.

Step 1.

Consultation & Planning

Step 2.

Mock up Designs

Step 3.

Design & Build

Step 4.

Website & Launch

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