The Ever Changing World of Web Development & Design

Web design and front-end web development are strongly inter related and goes through trends like the fashion industry. Every year there are new trends, technologies and techniques that all web developers and designers should keep on top of.

Below are some trends you may see appearing within web development and design in 2015 as the sector is continually evolving – with the content contributed by and

  • Card-based designs are becoming more common in web design.  Card- based design is also perfect for mobile devices, as they are responsive, which is becoming increasingly important. A card is also known as a tile, a module, or a portrait, just to name a few. They are use by Facebook, Google Now and Pinterest.
  • ith inspiration from big brands such as Apple and Google again, large background images are becoming increasingly popular and you should expect to see a lot more in 2015 – this is the same re the use of large background videos.
  • Responsive design is becoming the standard given the evolving nature of screen sizes.  The Apple Watch also relies on responsive-like flow to accommodate the small screen, meaning responsive design will become more important in native apps due to the increase in production of wearables.  Additionally your website needs to be mobile friendly to ensure you maximise Google mobile rankings. Read our guide here.
  • There will be alot more of ghost buttons in the coming year or so. The transparent buttons are there to subtly attract your attention without making the site look cluttered.
  • More companies will start to use digital-first branding as they’re realising that the customer’s main experience with them is online. This will see more companies dropping traditional branding agencies and going digital- ensuring their brand works best online first before other channels.
  • Designs inspired by Google’s Material design are going to encourage web designers to join the trend in 2015. This type of design includes bold, graphical and vibrant colours, large-scale typography and the use of responsive design.
  • There are many aesthetic and ease of use changes that are becoming increasingly popular with websites. These include scrolling not clicking, large fonts; shades of colour and motion design which includes infinite scroll fade-ins, dynamic/ animated charts and modular scrolling.
  • Finally UX and UI are fundamentally important and cross the line between front end development and Web Designer.  There is a massive growth in this sector that will only continue and any web-build needs to focus on candidate journey and engagement.

These are just a few of many changes you will continue to see in the world of web design and web build and it’s always important to keep ahead of the game – Contact our team to find out more.

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