Support - OpenStock

How to update OpenStock / OpenStock 2

WARNING: Always back up your website files and database before applying updates to modules. If any changes have been made to openstock_customise.xml (to make OpenStock work with a custom theme) you have to back this up as updating the module will overwrite this file.

WARNING: Don't uninstall your current version of OpenStock. Doing this will remove all product variants from the database.

  • Download and unzip the module files from where you have purchased the module.
  • There will be a folder named "upload" that contains folders like "admin", "catalog" "system" and "vqmod"
  • Upload all of these files to the root of your store (the folders you are uploading will also exist in the directory you are uploading to). If asked, choose "merge directories".
  • Login to your admin area and go to Extensions > Modules in your menu.
  • Click the "Repair" tab and click the Repair button.

The module is now updated - you do not need to configure anything.