HLN Supplies Site Redesign

Leeds based company HLN Supplies are expert plastic sheet suppliers and fabrication specialists. After working with our team here at Welford for a number of years, HLN Supplies decided that it was time to give their OpenCart ecommerce store a new look. Our team created a new design for the HLN Supplies website, giving it a clean, modern look and ensuring that the website works effortlessly across all devices.

HLN Supplies have worked together with Welford for 7 years, we have transitioned through three major revamps to our site with the latest one just released. Changing our platform to a fully responsive OpenCart site has made the functionality so much more user friendly and a happier experience for our customers. Welford are always on hand to deal with any issues we may have and always act efficiently. Matthew Jones, HLN Supplies

​Bold, Bright Homepage

The new HLN Supplies homepage is clear and easy to navigate, with the account, cart, search and social media icons all now a lot easier for the user to find. The colourful and bold call to actions make it easy for HLN Supplies to advertise their key selling points to customers as soon as they've landed on the website. By using a more compact navigation and featuring less categories on the homepage, the website now looks sleek and works flawlessly on any device.

Welford Old Homepage
Welford New Homepage

​Redesigned Cut To Size Feature

As HLN Supplies offer fully customisable plastic sheets, it's important for them to have a way for customers to select the exact material and size that they need. After previously building the bespoke cut to size feature into HLN Supplies' previous website, our team maintained the feature and incorporated it perfectly into the new store design. The cut to size feature allows customers to choose the exact material, dimensions, custom options and quantity that they would like. The price updates instantly based on each field the customer fills out, and they can then add their bespoke product directly to the cart - all from the homepage of the website. The new design makes the cut to size feature clearer, easier to use and functional on any device.

Welford The new Cut To Size feature design.

​Brand New VAT Toggle

In order to make the HLN Supplies website more functional for their diverse target audience, our team have incorporated a VAT toggle button into the header of the new website design. With one simple click from anywhere on the website, the customer can choose if they'd like to view prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT - an exciting new feature to make site accessible for both standard and trade customers.

Welford HLN Supplies' new VAT setting for customers.

​Site-Wide Design Revamp

Our expert team of OpenCart designers and developers ensured that the new website design flowed throughout the entire website. The product pages received an updated look, making it easier than ever to see the key information about HLN Supplies' products, select desired options and place orders. As HLN Supplies create lots of bespoke items, we made their case studies pages easy to read and ensured that the titles, text and images would all display perfectly on any device.

Welford New product page

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