Why we're not sending Christmas cards this year

Did you know, in the UK alone 1 billion cards¹ get thrown in the bin every year when they could’ve been recycled. Not a hundred, not a thousand - a whole billion. We always knew there was a lot of waste around Christmas, but we never imagined that such a huge amount could come from a small gesture. This got us thinking about how we could reduce our office waste this Christmas and how we could put the money we'd usually spend on cards and postage to a better cause.

So, if you're wondering where your annual Welford Christmas card is: it's not coming. Instead, we're donating the money we would've spent to the amazing team at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

Based in our home county, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue help hundreds of unwanted dogs find new forever homes. They provide the dogs with the care and love they deserve whilst waiting to find their new family. We're an office of dog lovers and have two four-legged staff members, so it's always been important for us to give to a charity close to our hearts. We've donated to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue for last three years and are proud to support the fantastic work they do.

You can find out more about West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, make a donation and give a dog a new home over on their website.

Welford Luna
Welford Rufus