What’s Canva & why do we use it?

Canva is an online graphic design tool pre-loaded with thousands of template to spark your creativity. Whether it be for internal use or for your business, Canva has made it easier than ever to knock up some stunning visuals in no time.

Whilst Canva is free, Canva pro is $12.95 per team member per month, here's the difference:

  • Unlimited folders for your designs whereas in the free version you are given two.
  • Unlimited storage for photos & assets whereas in the free version you are given 1GB.
  • Priority support with Canva pro
  • Export designs as animated GIF with Canva pro
  • Download designs with transparent background with Canva pro
  • Resize designs into custom dimensions with Canva pro
  • Ability to search your own designs with Canva pro
  • Save templates & colour palettes to share with Canva pro
  • Upload custom fonts for your brand with Canva pro
  • Exclusive access to 400,000 free photos with Canva pro

What are the best features in Canva?

Transparency tool - If you love beautifully subtle design work as much as we do then you’re going to be excited to use this tool. Unlike any other free graphic design software, Canva allows every element adjustable transparency, from backgrounds and images to icons and logos. So many cool visuals can be formed using this tool including captivating overlays and textured effects.

In the top left there is an adjustable slider, or an option to input a value of opacity.

Free icons & paid ones - Sometimes words are insufficient, in order to get your message across you might need to use visuals. Searching through the icon library on Canva is sure to help paint the picture. Icons can be used on logos, info graphics and just about anything you’d like! Let your imagination run wild. A good example of where they are useful is for social media icons when creating advertisement banners, YouTube channel headers etc.

On the right there is a menu called elements, you can search from the thousands of free icons.

Frames & Vignette - When a standard image isn’t enough, resort to adding frames and vignette filters to create the desired effect, whether that be retro throwback or dramatic tones! Vignette filters are fantastic for bringing older images back to life, so you can relive your favourite memories, enhancing composition and finally adding an antique feel to your posts. If your Instagram is themed, and you want to ensure all your posts have the same vignette filter, you are able to note down the filter codes within Canva which means that your feed will pop!

Before & after, you can use the sliders to adjust all the variables you'd like to.

Create wireframes - Wireframes are a crucial part of the design process as it allows customers to get a stripped back visual of what their new site will look like. With Canva, these wireframes can be created in no time, helping with those all important deadlines.

Cropping - Even though this isn’t the most jaw dropping feature mentioned and there are multiple different applications and tools you are able to crop images in, including your mobile phone, It’s always good to know you can do everything you need to within the same software.

Step by step how to: Canva

Just to show you how canvas really provides such a simplistic approach to design work, I’ve mocked up a logo in roughly 120 seconds, the process is much more user friendly than any other software.

Step 1: Log into Canva, select logo & choose a template, here you can see I’ve selected a template from the drop down on the left hand side.

Step 2: Amend the text by simply clicking on it and amending it, the same with the colour schemes etc.

Step 3: Download the image & select file size you wish.

Step 4: Finished product, how simple and how clean?

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