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Here at Welford, we work with brilliant companies to create successful web design in Leeds and beyond. As a Leeds-based web design agency, we know the importance of working with a company you trust. As locals, we can offer consistent support, guiding you through the website design and development process to create beautiful bespoke websites.

More Than Just A Leeds Web Design Agency

Although we pride ourselves on our locality and being at the epicentre of progressive Leeds web design agencies, we work with clients across the UK. Whether you're in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, we will provide you with the same level of support wherever.

Who is Welford?

We're a lean team of website designers in Leeds, based in the very heart of the city, nestled in Park Square. Surrounded by creatives alike, we're never short of innovative ideas to present to our clients to aid in creating brilliant web design. Our great group of Leeds website developers and designers work together to develop and optimise your site so you can grow your business, increase conversions, and build your online presence. With over 15 years of combined experience, you won't find a more enthusiastic web design agency in Leeds.

The Benefits of Choosing a Web Design Agency in Leeds

We may not be the biggest Leeds web design agency; however, we believe our offer is unique. With our results-driven attitude and wealth of experience (we've been around since November 2004!), we can provide you with a service that is above the rest. We focus our attention on what matters the most: our clients. Understanding, collaborating and working with our clients to provide personalised results sits at the core of our business. You can expect honesty, trust, and total support. Forget Leeds website designers upselling you money-driven solutions; our approach emphasises what's most applicable and relevant for your business and your goals. Unlike other website development Leeds agencies, we don't offer a 'one size fits all'. Our approach is tailored to you.

How Will My Business Benefit from Welford's Web Design Leeds Services?

  • Your website will have improved visibility and a stronger presence online.
  • Your website will be tailored to your business, with no fear of copies.
  • You will have a competitive edge.
  • You will have a professional digital presence.
  • You can be assured you always have a helping hand at the end of the phone.
  • Personalised, functional e-commerce options.
  • Improved user experience and customer funnel.

What We Offer

A website is your business's digital home, so you want to ensure it represents your company and your goals. As a leading website development agency in Leeds, we strive to build you a fundamentally valuable website, helping you establish a strong online presence. With our extensive experience in OpenCart and five years of experience in Craft CMS, we pay attention to your brand values, company trajectory and outlined KPIs to build an online presence that reflects your business.

OpenCart Development

We understand that default templates don't allow for story-telling and don't represent all businesses. As a brand, you have more to say beyond the white box you may be otherwise confined to. With OpenCart, we can add new features to improve your website design, or we can overhaul your site to match your business goals. With over 15 years of combined OpenCart experience, we're the leading website designers in Leeds for the job.

Responsive Design

Having a website that isn't responsive is like driving a car that doesn't move. Frankly, it's pointless! Prioritising responsive web design helps upgrade your static site to a more dynamic version, resulting in impressed customers or clients. We use both OpenCart and Craft CMS to develop sites that function dynamically and behave accessibly.

Fast, Secure Hosting

We're not just Leeds website designers; we also offer additional services. We host and work with several clients, relieving pressure so that they can prioritise their sales and customers. Hosting your website with the right agency can increase speed, quality and responsiveness.

Improving E-Commerce Presence

Building your website with a qualified Leeds website development agency means that you can start selling on your e-commerce website easily, and with the knowledge that your website will be functional and responsive. Owning a high-quality, user-friendly e-commerce store helps retain loyal customers and attract new shoppers. Additionally, an online established presence can help your business look more professional, aiding shoppers in their purchase decision process.

Mobile Optimised Design

Many consumers now shop on their mobiles, but many websites are optimised only for desktops, thus making it difficult for mobile users to navigate your website easily. Opting for a mobile optimised design helps to improve accessibility, therefore improving your Google ranking position, allowing potential consumers or clients to find you easier.

Data Analysis

The key to a successful website is understanding how your consumers or clients aim to use it. Knowing where your traffic is coming from, how visitors interact with your site, and what your main digital touchpoints are is vital to growing your business online. Our Leeds website designers will conduct data analysis of your website to analyse exactly which areas of your site should be a priority.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps refer to optimised websites that exist on your standard browser but function as an app. Developing websites in this way helps avoid visitors from having to download and use an app every time they want to connect with your business, saving them phone memory. Our Leeds web design agency has specific specialists that will design your website in this way.

Installing Integrations and Plug-Ins

It's likely that your host website builder may not include all the features you require, so installing third-party apps is essential. To avoid potentially messing with the back-end of your website, therefore affecting your business's digital presence, our team can help install and integrate third-party tools through Application Programming Interfaces, resulting in seamless integration. Our team has built integrations for several systems, from shipping providers to payment gateways.

Improving User Interface and Experience

A website is obsolete unless it's properly accessible and usable. Our UX, UI and UF team of Leeds website designers carefully consider every move a visitor might make or want to make on your website, and will design and plan your site accordingly. Irrespective of your company's industry, size or engagement, UX, UI and UF can help to drastically improve the functionality and usability of your site, resulting in a smoother visitor experience.

The Perfect Leeds Web Design Agency for You

Our Leeds team of website designers are here to assist you and your business, helping your visions come to life with our specialist expertise. Our tried and tested approach is guaranteed to provide you with the results you desire.

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