How to change your OpenCart store logo

A company logo is an essential part of any new website. Having memorable, clear branding is a great way to make your brand more recognisable and known to your customers. Great branding helps to create trust in your company and should be displayed on your website, social media and any physical items such as business cards or flyers. If you'd like to give your logo and branding a refresh, our team will be more than happy to help - for a no-obligation quote, contact our team to day.

Before adding your logo, we'd highly recommend optimising it so that the filesize is as small as possible without damaging the quality of the logo. Larger filesizes can cause your website to take a lot longer to load, so it's vital that every image is optimised on your store.

How to Add Your Logo

First, sign into your OpenCart admin area and navigate to System > Settings. Here you'll see a list of each of your stores - edit the store you'd like to change the logo on.

Once you're in the store settings, navigate to the image tab and click on the "Store Logo" image. Click the blue pencil button to edit the image and the image manager will display.

Add your new logo by using the image manager.

Upload your logo as you would a product image and select your logo. After you've selected your logo, click save at the top right of the page. Your new logo will now show in the header of your OpenCart store.

Custom OpenCart Themes

If you're using a custom theme, your designer may have hardcoded the logo and this method won't work. If the above method doesn't change your logo, please contact our team and we'll be able to change the logo for you.

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