11 of the Top OpenCart Extensions

Running an online business can be no easy feat, so plugins are an excellent way to make your life a little easier. Even though OpenCart is an open-source CMS, there is an entire marketplace devoted to shop extensions. Read on to find out our top OpenCart extensions!

Not only do integrations improve the quality and performance of your store, but they also assist customers in user experience and user interface. OpenCart is one of the most respected and reputable website platforms created to help fulfil your business ambitions, and you can customise your store to your liking with a wide range of OpenCart extensions. We understand that you may feel over-faced with the vast number of plugin options available, so we've narrowed the store down to our 11 must-have OpenCart extensions that we believe every shop would benefit from, explaining the functionality, compatibility, and usability of each.

OpenCart Top Extensions for Your Site

Here are some of the top OpenCart extensions we think you need on your website.

1.      Abandoned Cart Module - OC 1.5.4+

If you're looking for a solution to increase your online sales, this is a must-have OpenCart extension. When your customers create a basket but fail to check out (also known as cart abandonment), your business misses out on a sale. iSense labs have created a fantastic solution that provides single-click email notifications for abandoned carts easily customised to match your business's branding. In addition to that, you can also schedule periodic notices and view the customer's last visited page before they abandoned their cart.

The module comes with premium support and offers multi-store and multilingual options.

2.      iBlog Module - OC 1.5.4+

It's well known that blogging helps to increase your website's sales and traffic. iBlog Module helps you to create blog content and optimise for SEO all in one, reducing your workload. The product offers a cheap and reliable solution to a very basic adaptation that can help  provide floods of traffic to your site every month.

The module comes equipped with multi-lingual options, and is available with premium support options and multi-store availability.

3.      OpenStock - OC ALL VERSIONS

OpenStock is a must-have OpenCart extension because of its vast functionality It’s an essential module for your store if your products are available in multiple variations. You can use OpenStock to create individual prices and stock levels for each of your product variations instead of listing each variation as a separate product. Plus, the module allows you to see which variations of your products you sell the most and helps you to manage your stock levels more efficiently. Managing product options is easy with the user-friendly administrator, giving you individual control over the features of each product variant. In addition, stock control can be performed on select, radio or image choice, making it ideal for clothing stores that offer size and colour options.

Please contact us before purchasing this module so that we can help you choose the best package.

4.      Excelport - OC

ExcelPort is a reliable tool that lets you export all your product data into an Excel file, edit it, and then import it again in OpenCart with the modified products. This top OpenCart extension is a fantastic plugin that supports multiple fields, handles memory extremely well and allows you to import or export in bulk, making the whole process much more streamlined and efficient.

This module includes premium support, alongside multilingual options and multi-store support.

5.      Restrict Catalogue - OC ALL VERSIONS

Restrict Catalog by Customer Group is now available for OpenCart 2.x and includes a range of new features, making it a must-have OpenCart extension. With this OpenCart module, you can specify exactly which areas of your store you'd like members of each customer group to be able to view, giving you the ability to create a trade or wholesale section of your store quickly. By restricting elements of your store's catalogue, you remove the need for multiple OpenCart stores, saving you time and money. You can also restrict payment and shipping methods, making it possible to reserve specific methods for specific groups of customers.

Please get in touch before purchasing this module so that we can advise on the best package for you.

6.      OnPage Checkout

OnPage Checkout has made our list of OpenCart top extensions because of its ability to increase conversions. It's an incredibly responsive feature that allows you to 'quick-buy' items from a website's shop page. In addition, it simplifies the checkout process, making it quicker for consumers to purchase products. Forget having to click through numerous order details pages; OnPage Checkout removes all unnecessary steps and questions to provide a concise, slick checkout whereby all of the steps are combined into one. This feature is excellent for e-commerce stores or anyone who wants to improve their user experience.

7.      AlsoViewed

AlsoViewed is a must-have OpenCart extension due to it playing a vital role in making your consumers stay on your site for longer. The plugin carefully chooses products with the highest view rate and recommends them to your customers. Suggesting other best-selling products to your consumer may convince them to purchase these items. As humans, we don't like to miss out on popular products or potentially good offers, so presenting these high-interest items to your audience is an excellent way to improve your average order value.

8.      Autocomplete Address Lookup

For some customers, typing in their address details for an order could be arduous, especially if their address is wordy. Installing the Autocomplete Address Lookup feature can help to improve user experience by speeding up their purchase timeline. The module automatically completes the customer's address details using as few as two words by using Google Place API. If they’re unsure whether you've confirmed the correct address, they can simply open Google Maps to confirm their location.

The module has multilingual options, works in all countries, and doesn't alter any of your store's core files.

9.      AlsoBought

AlsoBought is one of the best FOMO (fear of missing out) tactics we know, making it a must-have OpenCart extension. This conversion tool works by doing two things. Firstly, it shows your consumers alternative choices with similar products, so their purchasing decision is more thorough. Secondly, it allows you to customise the widget so that the consumer sees items that are often purchased in conjunction with the item they are looking at. Within the tool, you can customise the widget name, the product image dimensions, the number of displayed products, and any other additional CSS elements.

By showcasing products often bought together, you subtly push the consumer to increase their basket size. This helps to improve your average order value. Additionally, if the website visitor came through to your website from a paid ad, this will help to increase your ROAS.

10.   SearchPro

If your website search function leaves a lot to be desired, installing a search extension can help to speed up the process. SearchPro has made our list of top OpenCart extensions due to its nifty ability to allow you to quickly search products or content in all categories of your website. To narrow your search, you can search in specific categories to get to your desired product or content more quickly. This extension helps to improve the website usability and makes it appear more approachable in design. The module also dynamically suggests what the user might be searching for as they type, helping them get to their correct destination quicker.

The module has a simple and easy back-end that requires no coding knowledge.

11.   EmailVerification

For those cautious about security, EmailVerifcation is a must-have OpenCart extension for you as it helps to provide that extra level of protection. This highly recommended security measure helps to protect yourself and your customer, ensuring that identities are correct and reducing the risk of fraud. This feature will help put your customers at ease, and can encourage them place more trust in your business. The plugin allows you to send customisable emails to new customers so they can verify their accounts.

The module is free and easy to set up.

We appreciate that running an online store is difficult, so installing these top OpenCart extensions helps to make your operations smoother. Based on customer feedback and our extensive knowledge of OpenCart through our 7+ years of working with the platform, any of these modules will add significant value to your website or eCommerce store. For advice regarding extensions or any OpenCart requests, get in touch with the team today.

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